Chloe Stora

Chloé Stora: Casual but very chic, boyish but always feminine

Chloé Stora has existed since 2008 and initially focused solely on ‘Pants’. It has recently changed to provide a varied wardrobe. How did the ‘My Pant’s’ adventure begin?

Chloé Stora, the designer, is all about fashion. Her adventure started in a very simple and ingenuous way. Sitting in front of her wardrobe…thinking to herself, “I have nothing to wear”.

Does this not sound familiar to you? She walked the streets of Paris in search of the perfect pants but went home empty-handed. Without thinking twice she decided to create her own pants.

Quite easy! She knew exactly what she needed and what other women wanted when they put on a pair of pants: to feel beautiful, to highlight and compliment their body shape all whilst keeping comfortable.


The collection is visible in our boutique