European Culture

European Culture: artistic mood and competitive attitude

EUROPEAN CULTURE 100% made in Italy.

Artistic mood and competitive attitude for the brand made by DFP International, a company that manufactures and distributes the label, following all stages of production towards the delivery of finished garments.

Passion for research and innovation give birth to European Culture collections: new materials and new trends for unique solutions dedicated metropolitan artists and athletes from around the world.

Through a special dyeing technique and use of natural materials, European Culture has written down its own unique rules for the new style code for active elegant wear.

Genetically geared towards sportswear, it has adopted the new standards and materials, but interprets them with a twist, giving rise to a new type of formal wear. Classic, sportswear and military tailoring blend, creating innovative solution for garment making, which are well constructed, yet loose fitting.

EUROPEAN CULTURE, cosmopolitan and individual, has inherited the captivating, debonair European culture, and manifests it in its own carefully designed language of style.


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