Jucca: contemporary, international, glamorous look

Jucca is inspired by the idea of making and selling a collection of clothing and accessories that is contemporary, international, glamorous and yet suitable for everyday wear. Above all, the collection is 100% Made in Italy and offers the right quality to price ratio. For Jucca, Lorella Manicardi has designed a collection that is genuinely feminine, spontaneous, gently passionate: a collection in the style of the Mediterranean woman. An independent woman who refuses to fit in with the stereotypes. And Jucca offers her all the clothes she needs to feel at home in her own skin, at any time of day. One characteristic of the Jucca collections is the great harmony of colours and styles, offered in ever-new combinations in terms of both form and substance. Perfected with little touches such as a pair of gloves or a necklace.

The collection is visible in our boutique