MKT Studio

MKT Studio: one studio, different personalities, one passion

MKT Studio (My Knot Tie) is a design studio built around different personalities, passionate about their work …

The studio launched its style and creates collections that take inspiration from music and film icons of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s such as PATTI SMITH, DEBBIE HARRY, MIA FARROW, JANIS JOPLIN, COURTNEY LOVE or even KATE MOSS and ALEXA CHUNG today.

MKT Studio also draws ideas from the seasonless moods and images that have accompanied the history of POP culture.

Beyond trends, MKT Studio releases itself from classic codes to offer silhouettes with an edgy, off-beat attitude. Authentic, super-feminine, casual looks, freed up from the superfluous and with grunge or rock overtones, bring together basics for an ideal wardrobe. As enthusiastic collectors of second hand clothing and passionate about the Graphic Arts, the members of the design studio twist the season’s essentials to create MUST HAVE pieces.

MKT Studio designs a feminine, affordable wardrobe for fans of beautiful garments.


The collection is visible in our boutique